Our goal at 40 SECONDS BERLIN is to be as sustainable as possible. This is a long process that we work on continuously, in all catering areas in which we operate.

According to our “4 R’s”, we take relevant measures even before “recycling” in order to use natural resources as sparingly as possible.

REFUSE: When working with suppliers, we refuse unnecessary product packaging and request reusable or returnable containers.

REDUCE (Reduce): We avoid the use of wasteful and non-recyclable products. Reducing these types of products results in less waste material going to landfills.

REUSE (Reuse): Single-use plastics have created a “throwaway” culture by normalizing consumer behavior to use materials once and then throw them away. For example, to reduce waste, we reuse items in the workplace instead of buying new ones. Some time ago, we began replacing disposable cutlery, Styrofoam cups, water bottles and paper plates with compostable or reusable alternatives.

RECYCLE: Last but not least, recycle. Recycling the most environmentally friendly waste disposal method. For example, we collect cardboard, mixed paper products, mixed materials (plastics, aluminum, glass) and organics to reduce our waste.

We are not 100% sustainable yet, but we are constantly working to improve. We owe it to the environment and future generations.